I was born in The Netherlands, from an Italian dad and a Dutch mother. I started with music when I was about six, I studied the piano (classical music) and for many years I accompanied opera singers. I always loved to sing but it wasn’t until I was about 30 and when I moved to Barcelona, when I started to dedicate myself to singing.
I love boleros, ballads and mexican rancheras. And I sing them in my own style. Bola de Nieve, Chavela Vargas, Mayte Martín are some of the musicians who have a great influence on the way I express myself in music.
I love to sing in places where the audience sits closely to the stage, creating an intimate ambiance. I’m not interested in setting a distance between myself and the public. I long for closure with the people who come to my concerts and shows. It touches me to see how their faces and bodies change, with the music, when I tell stories about the songs. Because if it’s not about feeling, then about what? We are alive!  
I discover every corner of my soul through the stage. Indulging myself in improvisation is happiness to me. It’s not easy to put in words, for it’s something that I feel and not think.  I’m completely in love with the mystery of creating and being inspired.
My poems oftentimes become songs. I love to compose. I musicilize poems from poets that I know.
  “It’s not magic but it’s magical”
Mantras are like love songs or intimate conversations with myself, a way to connect  to life, to feel alive, to remind me of the most important thing: to live life. I love mantras and also the beautiful, loving silence that follows, when time stops or becomes endless, magical. And to sing all together and fall in love with that silence, feeling it, experimenting it, enjoying it. Every person with its own, unique, authentic voice.   
I recorded five albums: Shabad Simran (mantra’s), Zafarana (  mantras and original songs ), Pocket Songs ( covers), Exhale (very soft mantras ) and the latest album Pramananda (mantra’s).
I give voice and mantra singing workshops. I accompany yoga and meditation classes, retreats, teacher training, women workshops, yoga festivals and theatre workshops and festivals. I teach devocional singing at the Escuela de Meditación Experimental (Barcelona) and voice at the  Escuela Laboratorio Teatro (Barcelona).
Listening to Carola’s singing is like travelling to a profound place inside you that was unknown to you, Angela Palacios (actress).